Urban Spirit Asia
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URBAN SPIRIT is the place for re-discovering self in the urban jungle. Following the principles of Beauty, Embodiment, Transformation, URBAN SPIRIT offers the 'Real-Deal' in embodied transformation - hosting regular day-time and night-time programmes as well as bringing in top-notch practitioners and facilitators of the most transformative modalities.

From Mystical Belly Dance to Sound Journeys to Fire Ceremonies, community talks and events, BreathWork, Inner Dance, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance - the pure amount of amazing-ness distilled into one label is the exact vision of URBAN SPIRIT.

URBAN SPIRIT is run by heart-parents Yin Ling and Jess who in their own journeys have found that the need for shifting back into the body, for shifting back into beauty and vulnerability is one of the quickest routes to transformation - and ultimately towards more joy and freedom. Strong healers and practitioners themselves, they anchor a strong vision for the unshackling of each Singaporean and beyond.